Miami Airport Car Rentals

Since long, Miami has been a top pick when it comes to choosing top holiday destinations across the world. For everyone who wishes to take a nice vacation to Miami without getting into the hassles of driving and parking restrictions, the Car Rentals at Miami International Airport would be the best choice.

The best thing about these MIA airport rentals is that you do not have to get worried about making your bookings so many days in advance. It is true that advance bookings can always save you a lot of time. However, if the trip has been decided only in a short span of time and you were unable to make your car rental booking, then you have to keep a few pointers in mind when you reach the airport.

You can choose your car rental options at the Miami International Airport’s Rental Car Center (RCC). This is the car rental hub for the MIA. It is a large building that has the facility to hold up to 6500 vehicles. There are 16 car rental companies in the RCC and the building is located only a mile away from the airport.

To reach the RCC, you can wait outside the arrivals of MIA and take the white bus marked Rental Car Shuttle. This has been specially arranged to take the passengers from the Airport to the RCC. After you have reached the Rental Car Center, you can easily compare all the car rental deals and choose the one that suits you best. It is very unlikely that you will have any trouble locating the RCC. In case you do face any trouble, you can get in touch with the Airport staff who have been specially trained to be very helpful.

The charges are almost always based on the distance that you travel each day. Some of the best car rental companies also offer hourly packages to meet the competition. Take a good look at all the car rental companies in the RCC and locate the best of cheap airport car hire in Miami.

Apart from the special packages, there are some special discounts offered for the seniors, students, teachers, police, service, military, government and airline staff. The tourists can pick from a wide range of travel deals offered by the MIA airport rentals.

Miami is a very beautiful place and every tourist will find the warm weather, the nice beaches and exciting nightlife very attractive. Wait, there is also a huge choice for family activities in Miami.

The car rental companies offer cars to match every kind of budget. If you make your booking in advance, you can also make arrangements such that you are picked up straight from the airport arrivals. It is very difficult for a tourist to travel around Miami public transportation and private vehicles.

There is also a light rail system that is now under construction and will soon be available to the Miami tourists. The Mia Mover, as it will be known, will be a permanent connection between the MIA and the RCC. For a first time visitor, this big city could be a very confusing place to move around with so many roads and heavy traffic. It is best for the tourists to take the help of the MIA airport rentals.